We tried the no. 1 skin-tightening, highly hydrating sheet mask in Korea.

12/14/20231 min read

So recently, we were in Korea. Most of you would know that Olive Young stores there is a must visit. The advertising card on this product definitely caught our attention with its award winning icon. The no. 1 hydrating sheet mask in the 2021 &2022 Hwahae beuaty awards. A quick online search shows great popularity and we decided to try it as well.

Product: Torriden Dive-In Low Molecule Hyaluronic Acid Mask Sheet

Fit: 4/5

Right sized mask and easier to put on as compared to some of the masks I've tried.

Material: 4.5/5

Cotton sheet masks that feels very soft and comfortable on the skin. Was able to continue with other things while masking, didn’t slip at all!

First impression: 3.5/5

Slight ‘fresh’ fragrance, nothing too overpowering. Mask wasn’t dripping when taken out of the pack, a plus point as no serum was wasted. However, nothing too exciting compared to the hype around this brand now. Maybe my expectations were too high

After masking: face instantly look radiant. mask was still filled with serum after 20 mins of use. The next day, face looks brighter but doesn’t have the same supple feeling as what i would feel with some other masks (that i’ll recommend later!)

So the no.1 masks, maybe not for me.