Blackhead? Let's try this charcoal wash.

12/18/20232 min read

Recently life has been getting a bit busy & I have been skipping my facials session. And so the blackheads on the nose has been appearing. I tried this product from Olive Young in Korea.

Product: CHAKAN FACTORY All In One Charcoal Bubble Pack

What you get is a tube of cleanser paste in black , apparently due to the charcoal powder & volcanic ash extract in it together with other goodness like Virginia prunus leaf, green tea , aloe leaf etc. It also comes together with a silicon brush to aid with deep cleaning.

My first experience using it was pretty OK. After regular cleansing I proceed to use this charcoal cleanser. Put a small amount on the silicone brush and started applying all over the nose in gentle circular motion. Slight foam starts to form as I am applying it on wet skin. It feels great massaging with the silicone brush. I do feel slight tingling sensation probably due to my dry sensitive skin. After washing it off, its fine. No redness or irritation.

On the first try, my nose does feels cleaner but doesn't entirely clear those stubborn blackheads. It was only using it on the third time, I do see better results but yup still not shining clean as shown on the box.

I applied it to the T- zone as well & I have to say it does works great as a powerful cleanser. You can really feel it being cleaner and the milder white & blackheads are gone.

My take is that this product does works well for the ones who will still be getting their blackheads removed regularly by professionals. Not a wonder product for someone who are just depending on it to clear blackheads miraculously. Nonetheless, I do recommend it as a good to have add on cleanser to keep your T zone clean. The silicone brush was the best thing for me. It does help with the deep cleaning and was soothing to use. You can even use it for your regular face wash.